Workshop Music

Players of any acoustic instruments that can play in G, D, Em and Am and blend into a band will be very welcome! The main focus will be on getting tunes great to dance to with the right speed and emphasis. Where there are harmonizing parts it will be really great for them to be played, but no workshop time will be spent on them. We won’t make you sit in instrument groups, but you are welcome to sit next to similar instruments on your own initiative if you want to.

Music is taught by ear in the workshops, and sheet music is currently available as follows:

Brockham near Dorking, Feb 2020:

Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie (note: on any instrument where Bb is challenging [e.g. many 2 row melodeons] just call and response of the bits “Belle qui tiens ma” & “Qui m’as l’ame ra” will be played).

Lord Willoughby (for Lorayne Almain)

(  For tabor pipe in A Lord Willoughby A tabor pipe transposition )

Nancie 28 bars  (for New Almain)

La Nizzarda

Petit Riens


Branle d’Ecosse

If time also:

Douce Dame Jolie