Morris Class

Latest Draft Agenda –
Have fun with us 6:30pm on 7th April as we:
  • Say “Hi” to our chums and briefly warm up.
  • Enjoy a brief practice – Brackley Shepherd’s Hey Jig single steps and rear ups, see video immediately below. Very little space is needed for this. Choose the right energy level for you, these steps are great fun to do! Do contact Andy Richards if you have questions.
  • Chat briefly about the practice we just did as we warm down.
  • Amuse ourselves with a quick morris quiz – have pencils and paper to hand.
  • Chat socially with chums, including what could be fun for next morris class session 21st April.
Brackley Shepherd’s Hey Jig with single steps and rear ups (played in D with 4 choruses):






The Shepherd’s Hey Jig in D (for 4 chorus Brackley dance) on pipe and tabor, the original instrument for morris dancing since the 15th century, ha ha 🙂

Beaux of London City Adderbury (slow version for learning):

Beaux of London City Adderbury (normal speed):

Shepherd’s Hey Adderbury in D:


Douce Dame Jolie used for Knight Errant Adderbury Dance composed by Andy Richards & Pilgrim Morris :

knight errant adderbury to douce dame jolie

Catalpa Adderbury (the tune is a version of Rosin the Bow):


Orange in Bloom Adderbury

Maid of the Mill (a fun linked hankie dance, different from an audience perspective)
Trunkles (a fun and interesting corner dance)
Corners meet and kick
Corners cross 4 4  Salute r Salute l HC caper caper
Corners meet and kick
Corners cross 4 4 HC HC HC caper caper
Corners meet and kick
Corners cross 4 4 DC DC HC caper caper
Corners meet and kick
Corners cross UC UC UC UC HC caper caper
All end on last HC caper caper up out down and in


Step Back  – here are the slow corners (double capers & uprights) on tabor pipe

Shepherd’s Hey

Shepherd's Hey Bucknell ALP







Bob Ridley-O for the Special and other Molly Dance Tunes